How Bamboo Carbonization Machines Could Make The Soil Into A Carbon Sink And Save The Planet

Nearly every agricultural product that humans harvest leaves behind large amounts of waste. Olive oil leaves tons of seed waste, corn leaves the stalks and the cobs, wheat leaves the straw and husks, every product has a waste product too. Since we use such large quantities of everything and the population is ever growing, so are the waste products as well. Now, however, there are a bunch of products that can be made from most organic waste, even sewage sludge can now be made into charcoal. This is also the case with bamboo as well, here are the specifics.

Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Bamboo Carbonization Machine

Bamboo Is Actually Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is a very eco-friendly natural product that can be used to naturally replace plastics and other fossil fuel-made products and making bamboo charcoal is also very easy with a specific machine. Bamboo is naturally strong, especially for its weight, is 100% biodegradable, is naturally anti-fungal, very resistant to most pests, and grows incredibly fast, after cutting in about 4 years to adult size.

It is considered one of the most renewable construction products to manufacture furniture because of it’s very fast growth and because most of the plant is usable. It also can grow while using far less water than most plants its size, and even much smaller plants. Plus, it is known as one of the most carbon absorbent plants since the finished stalks hold more carbon per pound that almost any other type of plant. And while growing, it produces more oxygen than most plants by a 35% margin. You can also find more details about the professional data of it now.


Biomass Carbonization Machine

The Advantage Of Using Bamboo To Make Biochar

Now comes the most intriguing use of bamboo, and that’s carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. Since bamboo grows so incredibly fast, and absorbs huge amounts of carbon in the process if humans could plant millions of acres of it and turn it into biochar for the soil, that carbon would be captured for many generations.

Making Carbonized Bamboo Into A Carbon Sink

A carbon sink is commonly used to refer to anything that absorbs and holds lots of carbon. The soil, believe it or not, holds 3 times more carbon than the entire atmosphere and can be made to hold much more. Most of the carbon in the soil is slowly turning into carbon dioxide and floating off into the atmosphere. However, fast-growing bamboo full of large amounts of carbon could be cut and carbonized in a machine and then tilled into the soil as biochar.

If the proper bamboo carbonizer machine is used, the biochar that is created can last up to hundreds of years in the soil. This carbon helps to enrich the soil and make crops grow better. It also helps to absorb and retain water for plants to use long after the rains have stopped. By using fast-growing high-carbon bamboo to make the biochar, the process can be accelerated to meet the demands of human civilization that is quickly warming up the planet beyond the temperature that is survivable. It’s a possible plan that could be easily put to use on millions of acres that the government in the US is already paying farmers not to use. This is in order to keep produce prices high enough for them to make a profit. This is yet another use for bamboo carbonization machines to help save the planet.

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