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5 Elements Signature Massage                     75 minutes    $115.00          

Our amazing Swedish massage combined with warm stones on back to soothe all your tired and aching muscles. This treatment is complimented with your choice of either a reflexology or Indian Head massage treatment.                         

Swedish Massage                                 30 minutes   $55.00      60 minutes  $80.00      90 minutes   $110.00                   

This massage promotes general relaxation, increases oxygen, reduces body toxins and improves circulation and flexibility.


Deep Tissue Massage                         30 minutes    $70.00    60 minutes   $95.00      90 minutes   $125.00

This deeper, more impactful massage includes stretches and trigger point therapy and will help you, your muscles & joints feel amazing. Great for the release of tension and stubborn knots or adhesion's built up over time. 


Hot Stone Massage                                       60 minutes    $105.00     90 minutes   $135.00  

Similar to our relaxing Swedish massage, we utilize therapeutic heated basalt stones and warm aromatherapy oils to deeply relax muscles and improve circulation.


Couples Massage                                           60 minutes   $160.00    90 minutes    $220.00 

                                                                     Deep Tissue : add $15.00 per person      Hot Stone : add $25.00

Two can enjoy the benefits and relaxation of a Swedish, deep tissue or hot stone massage together.  Spoil yourself and your special someone with this gift of luxury!


Maternity Massage                                       60 minutes   $80.00     90 minutes    $110.00

Using special formulated oil designed to reduce stretch marks and nourish the skin, this massage helps relieve common discomforts of pregnancy and promotes mother and baby’s well being. Using relaxing Swedish massage techniques and placing a warm wrap around the neck it benefits mother and baby by increasing energy, reducing fluid retention and releasing stress. 


Reiki**                                                                 30 minutes $40.00    45 minutes $65.00 

This treatment is a powerful form of energy healing utilizing life force energy (QI) to manage stress, promote relaxation as well as physical and spiritual healing. Reiki is mostly a hands off technique and uses a light touch/manipulation to treat the body, mind, and spirit with feelings of peace, serenity, and well-being.


Foot Reflexology Treatment**                     60 minutes     $75.00

Relax and soak your tired feet in an aromatherapy Epsom salt bath followed by a leg and foot massage and reflexology treatment which is a modality based on the principle that there are energy  points throughout the feet, hands and outer ears which correspond to every system, organ and gland in the body.


Cupping**                                                      30 minutes      $35.00     Add on with any other service    $15.00                              

Used in eastern medicine to rid the body of stagnation and promote blood flow, this type of treatment that creates suction and negative pressure that is used to drain excess fluids and toxins, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin,  loosen adhesions and release knots.                                                 

** This treatment is available by appointment only and subject to staff availability.

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