We are pleased to welcome you to 5 Elements Integrative Healing Center! We have shifted our focus and have made changes to our name and services which will bring a more diverse and exceptional spectrum of healing treatments to our clients! Please note: 5 Elements is now located at 1300 US Route 1 in Cape Neddick Maine.

In conjunction with Grass Roots, 5 Elements will be hosting Wellness Classes every Monday night at 6:45pm starting June 20th. We will announce each event on our Facebook page in which you can join the class and stay informed about future classes. We are gearing up for summer so look for classes on things like Natural Bug spray to protect your family and Safe & Natural home cleaning spray. Stay tuned!!!!

We at 5 Elements Integrative Healing Center  believe that in order to be healthy, a body must have balance and harmony. Through the art of treatments that integrate the mind, body and spirit, we believe you will leave here educated, enriched and empowered. We promise to provide a warm safe confidential environment in which to relax unwind and restore.

We do not discriminate against race, color, sexual orientation or disability, all are welcome!

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with a diverse clientele. All of our services can be customized for the specific needs of men, women, children, couples and the elderly as well as those with medical conditions.

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