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Muscle Mender Exfoliation Treatment               50 minutes      $70.00     

Using a specially formulated therapeutic salt scrub, this treatment helps to ease tension and minor muscular pain. Extra fine salt grains smooth the skin while soothing tired muscles. With its minty essential oil blend pleasing to the senses, it will leave your skin smoother and sore muscles relaxed.  Your skin will be polished and smooth with a finishing touch of warm Shea butter. 




Professional hair removal is provided in a private room with the utmost respect for the client’s privacy and modesty.

Lips                   $8                    Chin                  $10                 

Bikini                 $25+                Cheeks              $10        

Brows               $15                   Underarms         $20                     

Full Face       (lip, chin, cheeks)                            $30


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