Special Design And Advantages of Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Automatic waste segregation machine is able to separate various wastes for recycling purposes. The separator in installed with the various technologies that help in this separation. The machine is essential in reducing the municipal waste more especially in urban areas and hence improving the environment. The separator can also be used in the mining industry in the processing and sorting process. It comprises of the automated sorting system, uniform plate feeder, and magnetic separator, comprehensive winnowing, and gravity separator among other ideal parts that help it in its working. The operation of the waste separation plant is easy, its working is efficient and it has become very popular around the world.

Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

Working Process of Automatic Segregation Machine

The waste track unloads the waste to the platform. Those large waste pieces will be picked out by operator. The other waste will be filled in the plate feeder and thereafter the waste will be uniformly transported to the spreader. The main purpose of the spreader is to help in improving the efficiency of the feeding process.

The uniform waste then enters to the sorting platform for MSW sorting plant. In this stage, some wastes like the bricks, sticks, cotton clothes, branches and hazardous will be manually sorted.

The remaining waste is transferred onto the bag breaker which helps in bag breaking so as to prepare it for the next stage. The end product from this stage will then be transferred to the rotating screening machine for the next process to take place.

At this stage, the waste is separated depending on the sizes. The major standard size of operation here is 50 mm. the suspension magnetic method is also applied here to separate the metals from other materials. This method is applied for those wastes that have a size of less than the standard one. For those that are oversized, magnetic separator is used to sort it out. The other waste will later be transited onto the next bag breaker for advanced winnowing.

Bag Breaker

Bag Breaker

With the advanced winnowing machine, it is used to separate the heavy waste products, plastics and other materials from one another. With the plastics, they will go onto a separate area where foreign materials are removed before they enter into the hydraulic machine for recycling.

The other waste materials like the stones and bricks are to send onto the landfill for the recycling process. The other materials like heavy materials and usable parts can be picked out and taken to the necessary area of their recycling. The combustible materials are also sending back to the landfill for electricity generation.

This waste separation plant uses the scientific segregation methods that are able to save the manpower used and improve the efficiency of its working. With the Beston Company, we have two ideal plans that we offer to our clients, the first one is the pit feeding and the other is upper-level feeding. The customers have a chance to choose on which method they will like to go with.

Special Design of Automated Waste Segregation System

The sorting machine is able to separate the waste materials of various sizes at different sorting points. The sorting of the particles can be able to be adjusted on to the various sizes for sorting purposes. Some of the features of these sorters are that they have a high purity of sorting, they improve the environment of working so as to achieve the operation of the whole process.

In order to achieve high-quality sorting, the waste material must be crushed onto ideal sizes for the machine to separate them. So the crusher is large in size so as to help in crushing of the waste. The machine a unique and compact structure so that it can be able to handle a large capacity of waste. The separator adopts the principle of comprehensive sort for it to be able to do advanced sorting of the waste.

Advantages of Automatic Waste Segregation Machine

· It is able to handle a variety of waste either from waste material or from mining

· It is installed with a monitor that helps in keeping in check the operation of the machine.

· The machine is made in a way that makes it easy to be transported to any place for its operation.

·It has a perfect sealing that ensures that safety of the environment and the operator has been achieved.

Design of Waste Sorting Plant


Automatic waste segregation machine is the separator that has employed high separation technology of the waste. With our machine, you can achieve a lot since the process is automatic and hence you do not need much labor cost. If you are someone who likes to invest then here is the solution for you.

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